Tanztag Rhein_Main 12.May.2012

I offer trial classes for Tanztag Rhein_Main. Welcome to Join on the 12th of May.
more information about Tanztag Rhein_Main www.tanztag-rheinmain.de

Contemporary Dance Class for Beginners
For those who want to experience/practice contemporary dance form in an understandable and organic manner. Basic contemporary dance technique will be introduced in combination with individual movement exploration. Without complex sequence of steps, the class will guide people to understand underlying principles common to various styles of contemporary dance, and to discovery more of their potentials as movers; not to mention to leave with good-felt sweat and refreshed energy.
12th May 2012  10.30~12.00 Künstlerhaus Mousonturm

Dance Improvisation Outdoor Workshop
For those who’d like to explore creative dance in outdoor space. Guided warm-up and exploratory activities will help to open up the sensations and to dance while interacting with surrounding environment. The air, the light, texture of the ground, the landscape and the sound of urban nature… will become the source of inspirations. While both dancing and witnessing each other’s dance, we will enjoy observing how the space transforms through the poetry of movement.
12th May 2012  13.00~15.00 Künstlerhaus Mousonturm