TanzSprint13 || 9.-14.Juli 2013

This year TanzSprint13 takes place from the 9th till the 14th of July at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main with a melange of 18 workshops offered by 13 teachers.

Contact Improvisation
Patricia Gimeno & Jungyeon Kim
9.Di, 10.Mi, 11.Do Juli 18:15-21:15

Three evenings of Contact Improvisation for those experienced in CI. Each session zooms into specific topics: kinds of touch, lightness and precision, off-balance, momentum, change of levels in partnering, solo and trio work. Jam-like dancing moments for exploring ideas, techniques and images will be incorporated in an open form into all sessions.
Language: English  Level: Experienced

Patricia Gimeno Dancer, Performer and Dance Pedagogue. After fifteen years of dancing ballet in Spain, she continued her education with modern, contemporary, jazz and Contact Improvisation in Holland, USA, Italy, Germany and France. A graduate in psychology, she performed with several companies in different countries before deciding to enrich herself by starting the MAztp.

Body-Mind & Contact
Nira Priore Nouak & Jungyeon Kim
13.Sa-14.So Juli 10:00-16:00 (mit Pause)

The workshop combines resources from Body-Mind Centering and Contact Improvisation. The focus will be on developmental movement patterns, the base of our whole range of movement in life. Re-experiencing the process of movement development in both playful and self-reflective ways, we seek to understand our abilities and strengths and find support for our expression. The workshop is for those wanting to develop greater sensitivity and quality in CI, and those eager to explore the body’s mobility and intelligence.
Language: English and German  Level: Open to All Levels

Nira Priore Nouak arbeitet seit 1987 in Deutschland. Nach Germanistik und Philosophie studierte sie Gebärdensprache und begann im Bereich frühkindlicher Bewegungsentwicklung zu forschen. Nach ihrem Master an der HfMDK liegen ihre Schwerpunkte auf sensomotorischer Körperarbeit, Bewegungsanalyse und BMC. Sie leitet das Weiterbildungsprogramm Kita Tanz für Erzieher in Frankfurt.