TanzSprint11 2011 JUL

TanzSprint is an anual contemporary dance workshop festival, organized by Master’s program of Contemporary Dance Pedagogy (MAztp). This year TanzSprint offered 18 different workshops taught by 11 teachers. It drew many of dance enthusiasts from Frankfurt a.M. and neighboring cities.
My composition classes offered a series of improvisation practice. The aim was to enhance our compositional awareness in improvisation and to cultivate qualities of improvisers such as clarity and decisiveness. The class was especially useful for those who looked for experimental performance formats and improvisation training methods.
The motto of my contemporary dance technique class was ‘to realize your full potential as a mover’. The exercises were simple enough for any one to depart from, but the challenge was in clarifying one’s intention in movement and devoting oneself until one reaches beyond the range of one’s usual choices.

“I am an amateur dancer and want to broaden my movement horizon and deepen the connections in my body. The class was very satisfying, because it was demanding and relaxing at the same time. The explanations were always easy to follow and exact, and the structure of the class worked extremely well. I enjoyed the creative turning/spinning part, and the things we did while crossing the room. Your energy is contagious! And my body feels warm and trained. Thanks a lot!!”
–  note from a participant


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