Schwer wie Ein-stein

“A movement research gave birth to this piece; research into the weight of the body, particularly the head. We were interested in the kinetic chain of movement that arises, once we let the weight of the head guide the rest of the body to move. The meanings came later; about interdependence between individuals, waiting and expectations, humor and play. We invite viewers to understand the logic of our bodily dialogue, to witness our decision-makings, and to be surprised with what the body tells about our existence.”

It has been more than one year since I started to develop this duet together with Anastasia Kostner. Our departure point was simple; dropping the head to initiate movement and to interact with each other. I remember that we had to laugh a lot during the rehearsals; the weight of the head is such an absolute physical reality that always challenged, surprised and fascinated us. Anastasia and I first performed this piece in the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts in 2010. We also performed the piece for young children in schools under the frame of the artist outreaching program ‘Erlebnis Musik!’.

<Schwer wie Ein-stein> was also performed in Sommerwerft – Theater Festival am Fluss
07.August 2011 || Frankfurt a.M.
Alps Move Festival
16.October 2011 || Bolzano, Italy