But it’s not about chairs

PET5 Tanzlabor_21 production “But it’s not about chairs”
Mousonturm Kunsthaus, Frankfurt am Main || 14th-16th, October, 2011
choreography: Lili Mihajlovic, Jungyeon Kim
performance: Katja Mustonen, Erica Charalambous, Romain Thibaud Rose, Anja Sauer, David Bauer, Jungyeon Kim
music: Anthony Pillette (alias, Fenshu)

What was the initial idea and what arose during the tryouts?

What makes things fail and what makes things work?

How intense, original and authentic each material turns out to be?

What to keep and what to throw away among materials and scenes discovered?

How much honest and transparent one can allow oneself to be?

How to synchronize one’s intention with the action?

How to execute one’s task with the most precision without losing its complexity?

How does the group-process lead to further creation?

How to manage oneself in the middle of time-pressure?

… trials, errors and further discoveries around costume, light-design, and other factors …